"Sugutsukaeru Multilingual Online Editor" is a online text editor designed for web designers. It is available for free.


  • Edit text online
  • Convert character code (EUC-JP, Shift_JIS, UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, GB2312, Big5)
  • Automatically convert "charset" and "encoding" in a HTML file
  • Add or remove BOM (UTF-8)
  • Convert line break characters (Windows, Mac, Unix)
  • Convert traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese, and vice versa

What is "Sugutsukaeru"?

Sugutsukaeru means "easy-to-use" in Japanese.

About us

We are a CGI and web system development company, Sugutsukaeru Inc. in Japan.
Our mission is to offer easy-to-use systems for people to be happier.


Sugutsukaeru Inc.
exterior@@sugutsukaeru.co.jp (Delete one "@")
skype: @sugutsukaeru
fax: +81(Japan)-50-3156-2869
tel: +81(Japan)-50-5532-1616
Minamidai 5-27-32-605, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0014, Japan

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